S5 Ep9: Kung Fu Fighting with Patrick Wrenn – Tennessee Karate Institute Owner, Celebrity Bodyguard, Tenth Degree Black Belt, and Elvis Friend

 The owner of the famous Tennessee Karate Institute and friend of Elvis Presley, Patrick Wrenn joins Jaime Kay and Johnny Sanchez in the Life & Laughs Jungle Room for another fun filled show!  Not only is Mr. Wrenn a Tenth Degree Black Belt but he was a celebrity bodyguard to famous people such as Burt Reynolds and Sylvestor Stallone.        In this episode you will hear all about Patrick's exciting life including his ties to Elvis Presley, Chuck Norris, Bill Wallace, Bruce Lee, the NFL, his Guiness Book World Records, and so much more!  Plus Jaime and Johnny discuss some of the most famous Karate movies and Karate experts of all time.  They even give you the top ten funniest Chuck Norris - Chuckism jokes!  

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