Jaime Kay



Jaime Kay started The Jungle Room Podcast when her mom, an avid Elvis fan gave her the idea. The Jungle Room Podcast and YouTube Channel is dedicated to Jaime Kay’s mom, Carolyn Sue who died in May 2019.

Jaime Kay has four adult children, two dogs and is always in the mode of “about to do laundry.” SPOILER ALERT: She never finishes the laundry.

Jaime Kay’s favorite Elvis song depends on her mood. Her favorites include: Let Us Pray, Clean Up Your Own Backyard, Trying to Get to You, If I Can Dream, Too Much, The Wonder of You and I Can’t Help Falling in Love. If she had to choose just one Elvis song to describe her it would be “Moody Blue” because she’s a female and will never know where she wants to go to dinner. 

Jaime Kay’s favorite past times are taking long walks on the beach to watch the sunset, giving flowers to the homeless and underwater basket weaving. She also enjoys making up silly lies to include in her bio.

Her favorite color is clear.