Elijah Tindall


Elijah Tindall is an International Comedic Speaker, Best Selling Author and all around happy guy. His journey into public speaking and entertainment started in 1989 when he was a disc jockey at a top 40 radio station in Little Rock, Arkansas. In his early 20’s, Elijah began serving as a Youth Pastor and after 14 years of working in ministry roles, he merged into the world of Stand Up Comedy. “Nothing like working with restless 14 year olds for 15 years to prepare you for drunk hecklers in the clubs”, His high energy, family friendly approach to comedy has been a vital tool in gathering a fan base of multiple age groups and cultures. You may have seen him on TLC, TBN, ABC Family, Comedy Central’s Rock Retro Weekend or a number of other media outlets. From Clubs to Churches to Prisons and everywhere in-between, Elijah’s goal is to spread hope, love, laughter and healing to all he encounters.

To Learn More about Elijah or to book him for your event check out his website: https://www.elijahtindall.com